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Covid-19: Temporary reduction of VAT rates in the EU countries

Some countries has reduced the VAT rate for the sectors that has faced the highest damages (such as hospitality), whereas others have went all the way reducing all of the standard rates (etc. Germany). While it is hard to keep track of all these changes, we provide in the table below a short recap of the main recent changes of VAT rates in the EU.

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CountryScopeNew rateOld rateEntry dateEnd date
AustriaNon-Alcoholic beverages10%20%01 Jul 202031 Dec 2020
Hospitality, culture, publishing5%10%01 Jul 202031 Dec 2020
BelgiumHospitality, restaurants, cafes (excluding the supply of beers with an actual alcoholic strength by volume exceeding 0.5% vol. and other beverages with an actual alcoholic strength by volume exceeding 1.2% vol) and publishing 6%12%8 Jun 202031 Dec 2020
BulgariaHospitality, restaurants, cafes and books9%21%01 Jul 202031 Dec 2020
CroatiaBasic foodstuffs (only a proposal)13%25%TBCTBC
CyprusHotels, accommodation, hospitality, restaurants, cafes and public transport5%9%01 Jul 202010 Jan 2021
Czech RepublicAccommodation, sports and cultural services10%15%01 Jul 202031 Dec 2020
GermanyStandard rate16%19%01 Jul 202031 Dec 2020
Reduced rate5%7%01 Jul 202031 Dec 2020
Hospitality, restaurants, cafes5%7%01 Jul 20201 Jul 2020
GreecePublic transport (including taxis, ferries) non-alcoholic beverages13%24%01 Jun 202031 Oct 2020
Greece islands of Chios, Kos, Leros, Lesbos, and Somos)Accommodation and hotels, restaurants, cafes and catering, passenger transport    (30 percent cut of all VAT rates)5%9%01 Jul 20209 Jan 2021
IrelandStandard rate21%23%01 Sep 202028 Feb 2021
LithuaniaHospitality, restaurants, cafes  (only a proposal)9%21%TBC31 Dec 2020
MoldovaHospitality, restaurants, cafes15%20%01 May 202031 Dec 2020
NorwayHospitality, public transport, cultural and sporting events6%12%01 Apr 202031 Oct 2020
UKE-books and online magazines0%20%01 May 2020
Hospitality and tourism, restaurants, cafes, pubs, admissions to certain attractions (excluding served alcoholic drinks)5%20%15 Jul 202012 Jan 2021

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