VATEurotax has assisted international companies in their French and European VAT reporting obligations for more than 30 years.

We act as a fiscal representative on behalf of major international groups for non-EU companies and VAT agent for EU companies. We have developed a solid trust relationship with the tax authorities, which allows us to provide VAT registration and refund deadlines under the shortest timeframe on the market. Furthermore, our VAT portfolio managers have an average seniority and therefore an expertise of more than 10 years.

VAT registration,  VAT Representation and Mandate

Eurotax is responsible for registering for VAT and for preparing, reviewing and filling VAT returns f its international customers of all sizes.

Upon receipt of a copy of your invoices or a complete extraction in a standardized format of your operations, we analyze your operations, and identify and then solve your VAT needs.

Eurotax provides us with all the information we need to comply with our VAT and Intrastat obligations in Europe. We look forward to working with them again as Eurotax does more than the maximum to provide comprehensive VAT services and solutions.”

Steven Mc Dowell, aerospace industry

8th and 13th Directive VAT refunds

If you pay VAT on economic activities carried out in an EU country, other than the one in which you are established, you can under conditions obtain the refund of the VAT paid by the administration of that country.

The conditions depend on the nature of the expenditure, its use and the period during which the right to deduct can be exercised. Since each Member State has its own specificities, the management of recoverable VAT requires specific skills. Because of a lack of resources or a default of traceability in the IT systems, many companies give up on claiming for the refund of the VAT and deprive themselves of their right to reimbursement. Overall, the amount of deductible VAT not recovered in Europe is estimated at €400 billion.

Whether your company is established in France or abroad, Eurotax assists you in recovering these taxes on your behalf in 3 main steps:

  1. An analysis of the recoverable VAT amounts. Benefit from our 30 years of VAT expertise;
  2. Full follow-up with the French and European Tax administrations: from the constitution of your files to the effective reimbursements;
  3. Direct refund on your account of recovered VAT amounts.

Intrastat for goods and services

Within the European Union, you carry out most of your trade freely, formally and without border control – you do not make a customs declaration. However, you must send monthly reports to French Customs:

  • Intrastat Dispatch / Arrival for goods (“DEB”)
    • The arrival form concern the introduction of Community goods on the national French territory.
    • While the dispatch one, relates to shipments of goods from France to another EU country.
  • and / or Intrastat of services (DES) detailing the supply of services performed by your company taxable at the place where the client is estblished (Art. 44 of EC VAT Directive 2006/112/EC) falling under the reverse charge. Only services performed to EU established customers (in a different Member State than yours) should be reported.
    • Companies established in France providing services to companies established in other Member States of the European Union, must therefore file a DES which will summarize the operations carried out.

Both these declarations are required for statistical purposes on the one hand, but also for the purposes of checking the consistency of the VAT declarations.

The keywords are then outsourcing and automation if you want to relieve yourself from these burdensome declarative formalities. Contact us for a customized fee quote based on an average number of lines per month and per flow (introduction into the EU, shipping from the EU for DEB and service provision to EU customers).