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Do you have expenses in one or more EU countries? Eurotax helps you refund your VAT

Eurotax is the ideal provider in Europe to recover your foreign VAT when you do not carry out taxable transactions in these countries. Thanks to its know-how, its network and to its developed softwares, Eurotax offers you a 100% success rates after analysis of files at reduced cost.

You had to pay foreign VAT

  • When importing into France or Europe
  • By participating in congresses, fairs or exhibitions with VAT paid on some services
  • You have paid invoices for professional expenses abroad (hotels, restaurants, rental cars, etc.)
  • You are a road hauler and have paid for diesel and tolls abroad *

Eurotax is THE solution to recover this VAT very quickly and at the best price, thanks to our know-how and the experience of tens of thousands of claims filed in Europe.

Recuperación IVA Extranjero

What Eurotax offers in order for you to be in compliance : 

VAT refund requests must be submitted no later than September 30 N + 1 for companies established in the EU (8th directive) in a dematerialized manner, and no later than June 30 N + 1 for companies located outside of the EU (13th directive) in paper process.

The repayment period must be neither more than one calendar year nor less than three calendar months. However, it may be less than three months when it constitutes the balance of a calendar year.

What are your rights for foreign VAT refund?

In accordance with Directive 2008/9 / EC, Eurotax has access to all European portals (MSE)Member State of Establishment regardless of your country of establishment in the EU (except Greece) to work as your agent in order to file reimbursement requests. VAT in all 28 EU countries without exception (MSR)Member State of Refund but also in UK, Switzerland, Norway, Serbia.

As for companies that are established outside the EU, they can also recover VAT according to the 13th Directive with Eurotax in some countries. These are France, Belgium, Netherlands, Austria, Luxembourg, Slovenia and, on a reciprocal basis, also in other countries. Eurotax has the necessary approvals to make these reimbursement requests on your behalf in all of these countries.

Choosing  Eurotax  is to derive benefit from: 

An Expertise
As an accredited tax representative for more than 35 years, Eurotax assists French and foreign companies in their reporting obligations in France and in Europe. With a large customer portfolio and several accountant partners, Eurotax benefits from expertise in VAT refunds in the 28 EU countries.
From a large network
Present in several European countries, Eurotax benefits from a large network which will allow you to contact a one-stop-shop speaking your language for all your procedures.
A customer guarantee
Eurotax is committed to completing the customer process as quickly as possible so that you can recover your VAT.

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