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AOE certification

Do you want to obtain the status of Authorized Economic Operator (AEO)? Eurotax helps you get it

The authorized economic operator, known as "AEO", is an international trust mark which allows any company established in the EU and carrying out an international activity, to acquire a quality label for customs and security-safety processes.

We must distinguish two AEO authorizations which are provided for by the Union Customs Code (UCC):

  • AEO customs simplification (AEO C)
  • AEO Safety / Security (AEO S)
  • The combination of the two is of course recommended (ie the former “OEA Full”).

What are the advantages of AEO certification?

You want to obtain AEO certification:

  • for the purpose of improving your internal control procedures
  • and / or the optimization of your customs function

Qualified customs resources are scarce and therefore difficult to internalize within your company. We assist you in this methodical certification process. In order to guarantee the success of your AEO certification and to limit the time devoted internally to this labeling, Eurotax carries out the following steps for you:

The combination of the two is of course recommended (ie the former “OEA Full”).

The Authorized Economic Operator is considered to be trustworthy because it satisfies a set of criteria defined by the European Commission such as the efficiency of its system for managing sales records, its financial solvency, its history in terms of compliance with customs & fiscal requirements. This authorization is the entry passport to the UCC and the many customs facilities it provides.

Advantages of AEO certificationOEA COEA S
Easiness of granting customs simplifications 
Reduction in the number of physical and documentary checks
Prior notification in case of selection for a physical control of the goods (relating to safety / security) 
Prior notification in case of selection for customs control (relating to customs regulations) 
Priority treatment of shipments in the event of an inspection
Possibility to choose the place of control
Indirect benefits
(Recognition as a secure commercial partner, improvement of relations with the customs administration but also more broadly with other public authorities; reduction of thefts and losses due to the improvement of processes; reduction of delays in shipments / deliveries; Improved logistics planning, etc.)
Mutual recognition of this status with third countries 

What Eurotax offers: 

We define the scope of certification (OEA C, S, C + S on the one hand, validation of premises or establishments to be included in the AEO authorization);

We collect the required documents and information

We reconcile and format them in order to streamline the gradual completion of the self-assessment questionnaire (SAQ),

We conduct interviews with the company’s cross-functional functions such as purchasing, accounting, production and logistics, and prepare them for the customs audit prior to obtaining AEO certification

Finally, we support you during this on-site audit.

Choosing  Eurotax  is to derive benefit from: 

An expertise
An AEO application is made up of a lot of questions that require the involvement of a number of departments in your business. Eurotax, a specialist in Customs, will assist you in putting together your file from A to Z.
From a customer process
Eurotax supports you in the audit and preparation of your AEO label, by preparing your teams, you will save precious time and you will be secure. Do not hesitate to obtain this certification, which is strongly encouraged and positively recognized by French customs, but also by Chinese, American, Japanese, Norwegian and Swiss customs.
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