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Posting of workers

Are you posting your workers temporarily in France? Eurotax helps you with the administrative declarations for your workers posted in France

With it's large network and experience in administrative declarations, Eurotax helps foreign companies with their posting declarations & representation in France

What Eurotax offers: 

The mandatory representation of your posted workers in France. The representative communicates with French authorities such as work inspectors, police and law enforcement services, tax and customs inspectors (article L1262-2-1 of the Labour Code).

For the entire period of posting, the representative will present your documents (SIPSI declarations, A1 forms, Labour contracts of the employees, payslips…) immediately to the authorities in case of any control.

The French mandatory declaration concerning the posting of foreign employees. It will be sent to the Labour Inspectorate before the posting mission begins.

Document which inform your posted workers of their working conditions in France. It is also mandatory to show this document on the working site of posted workers in their language.

Specific documents for construction area

The BTP card, only concerning posted workers in the construction area, which is a personal ID enabling to recognize the posted employees and their employers while working in France. It also helps French authorities to reduce fraud and fight against illegal work.

What is Posting of workers?

Any foreign employer wishing to provide working services in another country must comply with the hosting country’s social laws, which means that remuneration and working conditions (work times, break times…) must be applied to the posted workers. In case of failing to comply with these obligations, foreign companies may be considered to infringe the country’s rules and be subject to fines. 

The posting of an employee occurs when the employee carries out his work outside the national territory” for an employer established outside the territory where the work is performed. 

The foreign employer has a number of obligations with which it must comply before its employee’s assignment, in particular in regard to immigration, labour law and social security.


What are your obligations? 

In France:

  • Employer should pay the French minimum wage (social contributions remain due in the country of origin)
  • Employees’ work time to not exceed
  • Appointing a representative who will be dealing with French administration
  • Submitting a declaration per posted worker called SIPSI declaration in France
  • For the construction industry in France, for each of the posted workers a BTP card (construction card) is mandatory.
  • Employees should have on the worksites a mandatory banner about their working conditions and rights translated in the language of the employees.

Choosing  Eurotax  is to derive benefit from: 

An Expertise
Eurotax, is an accredited tax representative for over 35 years, who assists French and foreign companies in their obligations with regard to declarations in France and in Europe. Eurotax will help you to be in compliance with the law in France and set up your posting of workers easily
A large network
Present in several European countries, Eurotax benefits from a wide network which will allow you to contact a customer care that speaks your language for all your administrative procedures.
A Customer guarantee
Eurotax undertakes to complete the customer process within the shortest time possible to ensure that your employees will be completely operational in the beginning of their mission in France
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