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Implementation of Customs Special Procedures

Are you a company established in France which does import / export and needs to optimize its flows?

Discover our services for the implementation of special customs regimes

Inward Processing Relief Goods

The goods will be brought into France from a third country (outside the EU) in order to be processed in France for transformation or repair work modifying their state/conditions. This regime allows to suspend VAT and customs duty normally due upon import in France.

After the processing work, the regime is cleared either by the re-exportation of the processed goods or by release for free circulation in France (leading then to the payment of VAT and duties due on the whole processed good).

Example : a jewellery imports gemstones in order to assemble them to their golden ring in France. The jewel though finalized (the gemstone ring) is dedicated to the export market.

Outward Processing relief Good

Goods will be exported out of France to a third country in order to be processed for transformation or repair work modifying their state / conditions. When the finished goods will return to France and be re-imported this regime allows to apply VAT and customs duty only on the value added outside the EU.

Example : In the garment industry, a company ships out some fabrics in order for them to be cut and sewed in a Third country (outside the EU). The clothes though finalized are re-imported in France.

If you have transformation, production or repair work performed in a Third country on raw materials / component that you export over there before the finished goods is returned to France, do not hesitate any longer and contact us in order to benefit from substantials customs duty savings.

Customs Warehousing Goods

Goods are simply conserved in the same state (no utilization nor transformation) until an affectation or destination is known and exercised. Les marchandises sont simplement conservées en l’état, sans être ni employées, ni modifiées, dans l’attente de l’affectation à une autre destination douanière (sortie de l’entrepôt douanier soit mise en libre pratique, ré-exportation, rebus…). Only so-called “usual” manipulations are authorized.

This regime allows treasury gains as it suspends the payment of customs duties and taxes on e.g. a whole stock upon import of a container. Duties and taxes will be paid progressively as the stock is withdrawn and then for instance, as the stock is sold.

Example : an e-commerce company imports a container of 10000 high-tech objects in France. Its maket is dedicated to the EU for 60% and export territories for 40%. Instead of cashing-out customs duties and taxes on the 10000 pieces upon import, it will only pay duties and VAT upon each shipments / order and this, depending on the destination (no duty nor VAT will be due for pieces sold to export non-EU countries).

Eurotax assists you in setting up your customs warehouse in France.

Eurotax, expert in customs procedures will help you optimize your flows and save you time and money, do not hesitate to contact our team who will offer you the best solutions according to your business activity.