French Energy Taxes: CSPE, TICGN, TICPEAre concerned the factories located in France which energy expenditures and consumption represent an important part of their production cost :

Do not wait any longer and claim for the refund of the energy taxes charged on your natural gas and electricty invoices !  

The taxation of electricity, natural gas and oil product is regulated by EU regulation, in particular by European Directives 2003/96/EC dated October 27th 2003 and 2008/118/EC dtaed December 16th 2008.

In France, there are four main types of excise duty due on energy called in French in the text : the CSPE (Contribution au service public de l’électricité) which was merged with the TICFE, the TICGN (Taxe Intérieure de Consommation sur le Gaz Naturel), the TICPE (Taxe Intérieure de Consommation sur les Produits Energétiques) and more residually the TICC (Taxe Intérieure de Consommation sur le Charbon). They stand for the Domestic Consumption Tax (DCT) of their respective energy product.

The rates of these taxes have been regularly increased, and for significant amount these past few years. Their increase is alined on the political voluntee to progressively reduce the consumption of fossil energy hoping to redirect consumers – whether they private individuals or industrials – towards some greener ones.

However, in conformity with the EU regulations, exemption measures have been foreseen by the French government in order not to penalize too heavily industrial companies producing in France. Within the lines imposed by French customs regulations, these energy taxes included in your energy invoices can be eligible for a refund on the period January N-2 to date.

The average amount of the refund claims that we deal with exceed one million euros and our success rate is to date of 100% ! This is due to the preliminary audit of the exemption grounds that we systematically perform before filling each refund claim to French customs.

Marcie Dalle, Eurotax – Indirect Tax Director

These savings are essential to your factories. The analysis of the exemption grounds and the elaboration of the refund claims require a complex expertise made with tax, customs and technical practice. Our understanding of your industrial process in order to extract the best exempt portion is the most importante part of the melody.

Contact us for a preliminary audit, we will assist you in obtaining your refunds of CSPE and TICGN !