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France: New Alcohol Excise Rates for 2024

Since January 1, 2024, France has updated the alcohol excise rates for 2024

Please find all the alcohol excise rates updated below:

Tax category of productsTariffs 2024
Still wine4,05 €/hl
Fermented beverages other than wine and beer4,05 €/hl
Sparkling wine10,02 €/hl
Ciders/Perries/Meads1,41 €/hl
Intermediate products falling within one of the categories of vine products (VDN and VDL AOP; ex-articles 416 and 417 bis of the CGI)50,6 €/hl
Other intermediate products202,39 €/hl
Beers less than 2.8% vol.3,98 €/hl/degree
Beers more than 2.8% vol.7,96 €/hl/degree
Small breweries ≤ 200,000 hl3,98 €/hl/degree
Rums from the DOMRums from the DOM
Other alcohol1 866,52 €/hlap
Reduced boiler dutyDeleted on January 1, 2024
Social security contributionTariffs 2024
Alcohols containing more than 18% vol. – Full rate599,31 €/hlap
Intermediate products containing more than 18% vol. – Full rate50,6 €/hl
Intermediate products containing more than 18% vol. – Rate reduced to 40%20,26 €/hl
Beers with more than 18% vol.50,6 €/hl
Contribution on rums and spirits made from local alcohol482 €/hlap
“Premix tax”Tariffs 2024
Products falling within the tax categories of wines or other fermented drinks within the meaning of article L. 313-15 of the CIBS (ex- products included in article 435 of the CGI)€3 per deciliter of pure alcohol
Other products€11 per deciliter of pure alcohol

You can also consult the rates directly here.

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