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Alcohol excise duties expertise

If you market and ship excisable alcohol in the EU, Eurotax helps you with your alcohol excise declarations

Your excise one stop shop in Europe

35 years of Eurotax's experience in taxation, and now at the service of wine producers, traders and e-merchants of alcohol (wine, beer, spirits & champagnes) The very first European network for excise declarations and the most extensive in the European Union with more than a dozen of destination countries. Delivering new customers to another country in the European Union is easy with Eurotax. Be supported by the market reference at the best price.

What are the regulations for alcohol excise duties?

The delivery of alcoholic beverages to individuals (B2C) in Europe is fiscally binding:

  • there is no threshold to apply VAT in the target country
  • excise duties are due, locally, from the 1st Euro
  • the use of a local tax representative is mandatory

What Eurotax offers in order for you to be in compliance:

Eurotax facilitates the payment of excise duties so as not to waste time on your deliveries

Simple and easy, Eurotax offers to coordinate your European administrative procedures on a single platform with a single price for most European countries where we operate

A single qualified interlocutor determines your obligations and assists you with regulatory (invoicing, traffic, etc.) and customs procedures

From customs

Eurotax offers you a tax representation solution in each country of destination and assists you in your declarations (VAT, Intrastat, packaging, etc.)

In order to avoid complex administrative procedures, Eurotax offers you secure data exchanges 24 hours a day 

Eurotax's New Relationship

Are you an UPS client? 

You maybe need some help for your excise declarations in the EU. 



Eurotax: the turnkey solution for the movement of your alcohol excise goods in new markets

B to C flow: For e-merchants

As soon as you wish to carry out distance sales of alcoholic beverages (wines, beers, spirits) to individuals located in other Member States, you will be faced with the obligation to declare alcohol excise duties and VAT in the Member State delivered from the first euro. Example: You are a French wine producer or an online sales platform and wish to sell your wine directly to individuals located in Belgium, Italy and Spain: you are required to pay excise duties in those countries



In the affirmative, you are bound to observe some excise standards and schemes. Eurotax will help you to not only define the excise status that suits your situation and help you constitute the corresponding authorization requests with the customs administration, but will also ensure that you maintain a permanent compliance of the same.

Choosing  Eurotax for your alcohol excise service is to derive benefit from: 

An excise tax representative in several countries
Eurotax benefits from fiscal representative for excise duties status in France and in several countries of the European Union, which allows you to sell your alcoholic beverages to individuals at a distance, in addition to its expertise in VAT matters.
An Online Service
There is no need to send hard copies of your documents or invoices, our platform allows you to upload all files containing all your invoices and the accompanying documents which enables Eurotax to process your request and complete your declarations.
A Customer guarantee
Eurotax undertakes to complete the customer process within the shortest time possible, taking into account the number of destination countries.
An experts team
From Eurotax’s expertise in excise duties and its natural VAT matters synergies, a calibrated and personalized offer was born for e-commerce vendors in the Alcohols – Wines – Beers & Spirits sector.
A large network
Eurotax assists you in carrying out these formalities and organizes your representation in a dozen European countries. Eurotax puts this network at your disposal to support you on all the flows that you contemplate within the European Union Our fees are established on the basis of the method of declaration of your excise duties, the number of countries chosen, as well as the declarative volume. Our expertise for the VAT & Excise distance selling system will allow you to comply with legislation, which will no longer be an obstacle to your development in Europe.

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