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The alcohol excise duties One Stop Shop in Europe

The digital era has changed B2C sales and purchasing methods. In recent years, alcohol and alcoholic beverages have become increasingly sold remotely via e-commerce platforms. You should know that there are specific regulations which apply to the distance sale of products subject to alcohol excise duties by a professional to an individual for personal consumption, known as alcohol excise duties. Find out in our article what is the one-stop shop for alcohol excise duties in Europe.

The alcohol excise one-stop shop, a solution for centralizing the payment of your alcohol excise duties in Europe 

Eurotax has created a one stop shop for alcohol excise duties which allows distance selling companies using e-commerce websites or marketplaces to conveniently pay their alcohol excise duties in the different countries where they make deliveries.

Eurotax then takes care of paying the alcohol excise due amount to all the corresponding customs in the countries where the alcohol is sent. This payment will be made once a month via the Eurotax digital platform.

This digital solution allows companies to save time. It is easy to use with multilingual support. It frees companies exporting alcoholic beverages in the EU from all heavy administrative burdens related to the management of excise duties in Europe, which helps companies to develop their activity much more quickly.

The platform benefits from a cloud which makes it possible to store documents relating to alcohol excise duties, it also benefits from an interface to generate personalized reports.

To make advantage of this solution, Eurotax used an API system to link the administration databases with the digital platform.

Eurotax’s excise one-stop shop therefore supplements the European Union’s VAT one-stop shop. This technological innovation allows companies to address a single market of more than 450 million inhabitants, which will boost business sales.

Eurotax’s unique platform therefore enhances its know-how in terms of indirect duties in Europe and also strengthens its leadership and expertise.

Table of alcohol excise rates in Europe

The alcohol excise rates are different in each country, as well as the frequency of payments which can be either monthly, quarterly or even weekly. Namely that the means of payment are also different for each country without forgetting the currencies which can be different, hence the interest of using an interface like Eurotax’s in order to be able to manage the payment of alcohol excise duties more easily specific to each country.

CountryBottle of 0,75 cl Still wine  Bottle of 0,75 cl Sparkling wine  Bottle of 0,70 cl Spirits 40% 
France 0,03 € 0,07 € 6,68 € 
Belgium0,56 € 1,92 € 8,38 € 
Netherlands 0,66 € 0,66 € 4,72 € 
Spain 0,00 € 0,00 € 2,69 € 
Italy 0,00 € 0,00 € 2,90 € 
Germany0,00 € 1,02 € 3,65 € 
Austria0,00 € 0,00 € 3,36 € 

You can also simulate your excise duties here.

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