Your best partner to liaise with the Administration for indirect tax purposes

Companies are subject to various indirect taxes – starting with VAT- which declarative modalities depend on their activity, size and tax regime. 

Eurotax is a Fiscal Representative certified as such by the French Administration. We guarantee the conformity of your declarations for VAT, Intrastat of goods and / or services.

Besides, Eurotax ensures that your company exercise its fair and sound recovery or exemption rights as these are subject to strict conditions of form and substance. From our expertise based on over 30 years of experience, we have built, reinforced, standardized and automated the hermetic points of control to protect you as much as possible from the tax risk. On the basis of the information that you would have provided us with on your operations and transactions, Eurotax is equiped to assist you on all your indirect tax issues.

Conformity and securization of your declarations
  • VAT registration of foreign companies
    • Once we have doubled checked that your VAT registration is indeed required, we guarantee the creation of your VAT number in France and more extensively in Europe within one of the shortest timeframe of the market. As an exemple, we are one of the rare fiscal representatives able to register non-EU companies for French VAT in less than 3 working days !
  • VAT returns compliance 
    • Consistency checks of your operations in nature as much as in value
  • Intrastat compliance (Goods and Services)
    • These returns are reconciled with the operations reported on the VAT return
    • The codes for regime and nature of transaction are determined
    • The VAT numbers of your counterparties (customers, suppliers and toll/contract manufacturers) are checked systematically

    Eurotax provides us with all the necessary information in order to respect our VAT and Intrastat obligations in Europe. We envisage our collaboration as a partnership in which Eurotax does more than its maximum to provide the best services and global solutions for VAT”.

    Steven Mc Dowell – aerospace industry

    Regardless of the nature of the service or of the declaration we assist you with, Eurotax places at your disposal its rigour as regards of the respect of the deadline and the accuracy of the information reported.

    Eurotax has helped us to get rid of the tax risk due to a potential carousel fraud and to define some new internal procedures.”

    John Towerbread – Spare parts distribution

    As keepers of the VAT / Intrastat declarations conformity, we also provide energy and environmental taxes services. We represent foreign companies liable for excise duties (due on alcohol or natural gas, power / electricity and oil products such as “CSPE” or “TICGN” in French) or TGAP standing for “General Polluating Activity Tax”.

        Rationalisation and maximisation of your exemptions and refunds


    Boost your competitiveness in all safety ! Delegating your refunds to Eurotax will always be valluable. Feel free to contact us !