If you pay VAT on economic activities carried out in an EU country, other than the one in which you are established, you can under conditions obtain the refund of the VAT paid by the administration of that country.

The conditions depend on the nature of the expenditure, its use and the period during which the right to deduct can be exercised. Since each Member State has its own specificities, the management of recoverable VAT requires specific skills. Because of a lack of resources or a default of traceability in the IT systems, many companies give up on claiming for the refund of the VAT and deprive themselves of their right to reimbursement. Overall, the amount of deductible VAT not recovered in Europe is estimated at €400 billion.

Whether your company is established in France or abroad, Eurotax assists you in recovering these taxes on your behalf in 3 main steps:

  1. An analysis of the recoverable VAT amounts. Benefit from our 30 years of VAT expertise;
  2. Full follow-up with the French and European Tax administrations: from the constitution of your files to the effective reimbursements;
  3. Direct refund on your account of recovered VAT amounts.