Your specificities, our adaptability

Indirect taxes are taxes based on transactions. They thus have specific characteristics depending on the sector of activity. Although we adapt systematically to the organizational, commercial and regulatory environments of our clients, Eurotax has also developed sectoral service offerings in order to best meet their needs and constraints.

French VAT on Yachts rentals

Since 15 July 2013, French VAT is applicable on all yacht rentals departing from France and Monaco. The applicable rate is the French standard rate (20%), it can be applied either on 100% of the rent or on 50% only if the formal conditions are met and documented. With 30 years of experience in the field, in order to meet the VAT obligations of yacht owners, Eurotax offers an all-inclusive packaged offer. This service includes :

  • Analysis of transactions and contracts as well as VAT advice (by a specialized lawyer);
  • VAT registration (within 3 days for companies established outside the EU);
  • The issuance of invoices and the whole VAT return;
  • An all-inclusive price list;
  • A one-stop VAT for all entities involved in the lease operation : owner, manager, yacht captain and French tax authorities.

We are registered with various brokers and law firms specializing in yachting. Contact us for each of your rental seasons.

Energy taxes compliance

You are a non-established distributor of natural gas or electricity in France to end-consumers ? You do have the obligation to appoint a tax representative who will carry out the declarative formalities for your account before the various French administrations. You would be liable to TICGN, CTA, CSPE, TCFE depending on the nature of the energy product distributed.

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The administrations to which reports have to be submitted differ as well as the formats of declarations. Our Eurotax team dedicated to energy taxation will take care of the reconciliation of these reports and will file them to the competent administrations according to the periodicity imposed by the regulation. Some of our team members are professionals who have previously worked in the Oil, Gas or Power industry.

Let us take care of your energy tax declarations.

Special VAT regime and excise duties due on oil products

As regards of the indirect tax treatment and compliance of oil products, VAT and excise regimes are closely linked. Article 298 of the French Tax Code provides that operations related to such products, carried out prior to their release for consumption, shall be VAT suspended.

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Would you entrust your declarations to a service provider who is not knowledgeable of the excise specificities ? At Eurotax, we have a significant number of customers in the oil trading and retail sectors. We assist you with the indirect tax compliance but also with the filling of requests for authorizations (e.g. authorized warehousekeeper, registered consignee or registered consignor). Our knowledge of the products themselves and their qualification in terms of excise guarantees you the best service.

Contact us for more information.

Aeronautical taxes compliance

You are a foreign airline company subject to French aeronautical taxes. Given the complexity of the taxable bases determination and the forms to be filled in, you will want to entrust a partner with the mastery of these specificities.

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  • Civil Aviation Tax;
  • Solidarity tax on airline tickets;
  • Airport tax;
  • Tax on noise pollution.

Eurotax takes care of the establishment of these declarations and assists you up to the payment of these taxes. Contact us for more information.

Excise duty due on alcoholic products

You receive, store or ship products subject to excise duties, and as such are liable to a certain number of formalities leading to suspension, payment and / or refund of excise duties. Your supply, production and distribution chains must therefore be scrupulously standardized in terms of indirect contributions.

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It will be necessary to define the best excise status(s) applicable, to constitute a file in order to have them validated by the customs authorities and especially to keep them in conformity. Eurotax accompanies you in all these steps of defining or securing your excise duty scheme. Especially in the field of distance selling (e-commerce) of alcoholic beverages. Contact us for more information.